सिंहाचलम श्री वराह नरसिंह स्वामी Simhachalam - Sri Varaha Narasimhaswamy Temple

सिंहाचलम श्री वराह नरसिंह स्वामी 

Simhachalam - Sri Varaha Narasimhaswamy Temple

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Simha (simham) means "Lion", and Chalam means "hill". Since, the bhagawan reside in the hill, this sthalam is called with the name "Simhachalam".

This is one of the great sthals of Sri Narasimha other than Ahobilam, Sholingur, Mattappally etc.

This sthal is surrounded by huge mountain and which contains lots of trees with great medicinal values. So, by visiting this sthal, we are not only blessed by Sri Narasimha but also the air which is mixed with medical herbs, will cure lots of diseases.

The Deities :    
The Main deity of this sthalam is Sri Varaha Narasimha Swamy. The lord in standing posture facing towards east direction. The maataa of this sthal is Sri Lakshmi.

Speciality of this sthalam :    
1. The bhagawan is "Varaha Narasimha Swamy" and is about 21/2 ft high. The uniqueness of this deity is that the face of Varaha (boar-सूअर) and the body is of the human.

2. Priests, who generally belong to the Ramanuja-sampradaya (Sri-sampradaya), are in charge of the Deity worship. It is said that Sri Ramanuja visited Simhachalam in the 11th century.

The Sthalpuran of this sthal is related to Sri Narasimha avataar and from this, it is evident that this temple is found to be in existence from over of years.

Hiranyakasipu, who thought that the entire world should chant his name as the chief deity and if anyone chants other than his name should be sentenced to death. This was the major order that was proposed by him. Because of fear, all the people started to chant Hiranyakashipu's name and dedicated poojas towards him instead of doing it to Sriman Narayan. But, bhakt Prahalad, the blessed child of Sriman Narayan and the real son of Hiranyakasipu, did not chant his father Hiranyakasipu name, but always expressed his bhakti towards Sri Vishnu. Though his father warned him that he should only follow him as the main deity but not Sriman Narayan, he didn't follow and instead he started to follow him very deeply.

This kind of action of Prahaladh made Hiranyakasipu angry and ordered his soldiers to kill him by throwing him from the top of the mountain. As the order from the king, the soldiers threw Prahaladh from the top of the mountain. To protect him, the Sriman Narayan came as Sri Narasimha and rescued him by moving the mountain and made a small path for Prahaladh. And, it is said that in the place where the Bhagwan stood to protect Prahaladh, where the temple is built.

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TR Madhavan Aug 3, 2017
@aman.uday from Rajamundry rly stn (Vijayawada - bhuvaneshvar route)it's nearer. check rail route for simhachalam nearest rly stn.

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Daya Shankar Aug 13, 2020

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